888.000 VND

Includes a Complimentary Flute Of
Champagne Monopole Heidsieck & Co Blue Top Brut N.V.

* * * * *

Duet of Lotus Blossom Tea Smoked Faroe Island Salmon Xu-shi
Wasabi Cream Cheese & Quail Yolk Ikura Caviar in Nori Wrapped Seasoned Bun Noodle

Milk Fed Veal & Perigord Black Truffle Cake with Truffle Froth

Passionfruit Crème Brulée & Montreal Cheese Cake with Berry Cherry Fondue Edible Gold Leaf

Marou Chocolate Truffle on Toasted Coconut

Illy Coffee or Tea


Chef Don’s Canadian Wine Recommendation To Match The Summer Tasting Menu
970,000  |  Le Clos Jordanne Le Grand Clos 20 Mile Bench Pinot Noir 2009 Niagara Peninsula 750ml


– Jet Fresh Oysters Shucked To Order Per Piece –

129,000  |  Chef’s Creek Small/Medium – British Columbia, Canada

149,000  |  Chef’s Creek Medium/Large – British Columbia, Canada

139,000  |  Fine De Claire Oyster #3

159,000  |  Tsarskaya Oyster – Saint-Kerber, Cancale, France

500,000  |  Bellota Iberico Pata Negra Ham 50 months of Age, 50 grams, Spain

8,400,000 per 100grs or 2,600,000 per 30 grs
Kaviari Paris Caviar Oscietre Prestige, Black Sea, Bulgaria, Europe

880,000  |  Wood Fired Medium Well Milk Fed Veal Rib Chop 260 grams
with Truffle Demi Glace

880,000  |  Milk Fed Veal Shank 500 Grams Claypot Braised On Tumeric Risotto

990,000 per 500grs  |  Live Canadian Lobster Boiled with Baby Potatoes Baby Corn & Sweet Peas
450,000 per 100grs  |  Alaska King Crag Legs (Steamed or Chilled)

Plus  5% Service & 10% VAT