WHITE TRUFFLE – Trifola d’Alba 2017 

This year for the 5th year in a row we have brought in a shipment of hand carried fresh Italian White Truffles. I believe we maybe the only restaurant in Hanoi to carry this rare luxury delicacy. We will offer for a limited time only, as the season is just a couple of months long,  some  simple Truffle dishes I crafted after working with 3 different 3 star Michelin chefs who adored Truffles, namely Chef Gualtierro Marchesi from Milan, Chef Alain Ducasse in Monte Carlo and Chef Umberto Bombana of Hong Kong.  French gastronome Jean Brillat-Savarin called them “the diamonds of the kitchen.” White truffles from Alba in northern Italy command a price much higher than gold, Alba’s white truffles have a cult following prized for the aphrodisiacal aroma and flavour. Stanley Ho of Macau paid USD 330,000 for two extraordinary large pieces around a total of just  2 killos


1,000,000 | White Truffle Risotto 5 grams

1,000,000 | White Truffle Pizza 5 grams

1,000,000 | White Truffle Pappardelle Pasta 5 grams

1,000,000 | White Truffle Gnocchi 5 grams

1,000,000 | White Truffle Penne Cheese Gratin 5 grams

1,400,00 | White Truffle 5 grams on Canadian Beef Tenderloin Carpaccio

1,500,000 | White Truffle 5 grams on 56 month Pata Negra Ham and Soft Shirred Eggs

2,400,000 | White Truffle 5 grams and Creamed Canadian Lobster

2,800,000 | The Ultimate Rolls Royce Rossini,
Hokido Japanese Kobe Beef Rib Eye (100gr) on Truffled Potato,
Pan Seared French Foie Gras and White Truffles 5 grams

Add 200,000 per 1 gram for extra